An effective alternative to dangerous mineral acids.

  • No Fumes
  • A Safer Acid
  • No Phosphates

Calcium and Magnesium carbonate are great in your fancy bottled mineral water. However, built-up on your windows, fixtures, and tile these minerals can cause major frustration. That white and green crust just doesn’t seem to budge with your vinegar solution, but you don’t want the hassles and hazards of dangerous acid bowl cleaners. Hardcore’s cutting edge acid replacement technology is your new go-to for daily mineral scale challenges. Your drinking fountains, toilet bowls, and back-splashes will never be the same again!

Recommended Dilutions:
Usage/Uso Light/Suave Normal Heavy/Fuerte
Bucket/Sprayer 32 oz (1:4) 43 oz (1:3) Undiluted