Step: 2

Washes away soils and detergents from fibers, leaving your carpet soft and clean.

  • Neutralizes High pH
  • Conditions Carpet
  • Protects Extraction Equipment

Do you dread carpet cleaning? Carpet cleaning can be a confusing and frustrating job; until now... HARDCORE has made it as easy as 1 & 2. This simple 2-step system destroys like the spaghetti stain on your living room floor. Who needs 8 minute abs when you can have them in 5? You deserve it. So take the guesswork out of floor care and follow HARDCORE's easy 2-step process and never look back.

After harnessing the awesome power of HARDCORE CARPET PRESPRAY (Step: 1), extract the carpet utilizing the ultra-concentrated HARDCORE CARPET & UPHOLSTERY RINSE (Step: 2). This conditioning rinse completes the process of removing soils from fibers, neutralizes high pH cleaning agents, rejuvenates carpets, leaving them soft and silky under your toes. It's safe enough for most carpet fibers and all carpet cleaning equipment. HARDCORE CARPET & UPHOLSTERY RINSE also helps protect extraction equipment and pumps. Protect your flooring investment by keeping your carpets free from soils and residue.

Recommended Dilutions:
Usage/Uso Light/Suave Normal
Carpet Rinse 0.25 oz (512:1) 0.50 oz (256:1)
Hardcore Carpet Rinse Products


Ideal Areas:

  • Restaurants
  • Health Care
  • Hospitality
  • Automotive
  • Schools
  • Janitorial


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