Cuts through soil & grease without leaving residue.

  • Water Based
  • pH neutral
  • Low Foaming

Your automatic scrubber is essential to your facility’s care. Nothing is more crucial to the cleaning of your floors than the chemical that goes into your scrubber. Not only can the wrong cleaning solution affect the floor’s cleanliness, but it also matters to life of your floor finishes and even the health of your machine. Our new Hardcore Automatic Scrubber Floor Cleaner handles all of the issues you face when operating an auto scrubber. Our proprietary surfactant lowers water’s surface tension making water “wetter,” accelerating the cleaning process. Our revolutionary formula is low-foaming and perfect for the health and care of your expensive equipment. Hardcore Automatic Scrubber Floor Cleaner has changed the way floors are cleaned.

Recommended Dilutions:
Usage/Uso Light/Suave Normal Heavy/Fuerte
Bucket/Auto Scrubber 2 oz (1:64) 4 oz (1:32) 12 oz (1:10)